E-Bikes will be out of EU RoHS II-Directive for next 8 years.

According to Neuberger electric bicycles do not have to comply with the RoHS II-Directive as per January 2, 2013. There is a transitional period of eight years for electrical two-wheel vehicles which are not type-approved. This was the result of lots of lobby work from the ZIV in 2010.
In the Directive 2011/65 of the EU Parliament and of the Council article 2 says that e-bikes which are not type approved do not apply to this European regulation until 22 July 2019. 

The European RoHS II-Directive 2011/65 implies that manufacturers have to ensure and, if asked, prove that no Lead, Cadmium, Hexavalent Chromium, Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) have been used, not only in the electrical and electronic components but also in no other vehicle component. 
In 2010 have we tried to get EPACs excluded from the scope of the Directive, said Siegfried Neuberger, GM of the German Industry organization ZIV. This was not accepted by the European Commission. Nevertheless we have been successful by asking for a long transitional period of 8 years, which makes it easier for the industry to fulfill the requirements.

The EU Directive 2011/65 has to be adopted and published by the member states by 2 January 2013.


E-BIKE regulation in US

In 2001, the U. S. Congress passed Public Law 107-319 which exempts electric bicycles under 750 watts/20 mph from the definition of a motor vehicle only "For purposes of motor vehicle safety standards...", which means that the manufacturers of these bicycles don¡¯t have to meet federal equipment requirements, and are instead governed by the manufacturing requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Act. There is no mention of exemption from other federal, state, and local traffic laws, or exemption from the definition of a motor vehicle for other purposes.
Various states have passed their own laws. California law states that no driver's license, license plate, nor insurance is required. You must be 16 years or older and wear a standard bicycle helmet. Electric bikes are subject to all the rules of the road, and additional laws governing the operation and safety of electric bicycles may be extended by state or local governments. It's legally a bicycle, so you can use it wherever and however you can use a bike. Washington law is similar.
Federal law trumps all States laws. That is true with bicycle law, too. States cannot constitutionally pass legislation that reduces or eliminates Federal laws, they can only pass legislation that enacts additional (tighter) restrictions on its people. This means that no State can enact legislation that allows wattages or speeds greater than the Federal Government limit of 750 Watts and a top electric-powered speed of 20MPH. States can only legislate LOWER wattages and top-speeds (which, to our knowledge has not been done by any state). An e-bike can go over 20 MPH, but not by means of the motor. No matter what state you bike in, bicycle speeds on public roads above 20MPH cannot legally be motor-assisted. As a practical matter, police don¡¯t notice bikes going too fast. Electric bikes
If you live in a state that lacks basic electric bike legislation, consider this. Although riding your electric bike may be illegal, so is jay-walking. Generally speaking, 1) police don¡¯t know the exact rules, 2) police expect electric bike and scooter riders to wear a bicycle helmet, 3) most electric bikes look to the casual observer like ordinary bikes, and 4) if you get ticketed, just go to court and plead your case; judges usually let you off with a warning. And start working your state legislature to enact an electric bicycle law similar to California¡¯s.
Are there special insurance requirements?
No insurance is required to ride an e-bike. However, if you want to insure it against theft, check your current homeowner¡¯s insurance policy. An electric bicycle may be covered. To determine coverage, check with your insurance company or agent.

Is an electric bicycle considered a zero emission vehicle?
Yes. While some communities only define ZEV¡¯s as car replacements, others are looking for alternative ways to reduce sources of mobile pollution. Electric bikes have qualified for electric vehicle credits in some communities. Check with your local environmental management group for clarification. Every time you take a short trip on your electric bicycle rather than a car, you delete a cold start that would have added a significant amount of pollution.(http://www.freyebikes.com/)


Bike polo gains ground in L.A.

LOS ANGELES Alex Dash still remembers the September day in 2007 when he discovered his new love. He had just witnessed a cyclist crash his odd-looking bicycle with one handlebar.

It turned out that the cyclist, who had modified his bike to allow him to swing a mallet with greater ease, was a polo player.

Bike polo, that is.

Dash, an avid cyclist, was intrigued. He was into road bikes, mountain bikes, fixed gears and any other type of bike he could find, but he had never heard of bike polo.

The scrappy urban sport - a derivative of the traditional equestrian game - was gaining popularity in cities across the country, including New York, Chicago, Seattle and Portland. But it had yet to take hold in Los Angeles.

Through an Internet search, Dash learned about a small group of players who competed on Saturdays on a tennis court at Los Angeles High School. When he mounted his old fixed-gear bicycle, wielding a beat-up wooden mallet, it was a moment of revelation.

"I was like, 'I'm born to do this,'" said Dash, or Joker, as the 29-year-old photographer is known on the court.

To play the game, teams of three chase a street hockey ball across the court wielding long-handled mallets fashioned from ski poles and plastic piping. Most place colorful plastic covers on their wheels to keep balls and mallets from getting tangled in the spokes.

The scene alternates between grace and mayhem as riders weave and dodge around one another and occasionally crash. Many players sport scars from on-court mishaps. Some don helmets, knee pads, goggles and lacrosse gloves.

Like Dash, all have their polo names, including Lil' Sarah, Nola and Too $hort.

The camaraderie of the insular community is part of what draws players like Amanda "Jinxy" Wainscott to the game. The 26-year-old graphic designer from Fontana, Calif., drives two hours from work in Riverside, Calif., to play in Los Angeles.

"It's been a long time since I felt included in a group like this," Wainscott said. "I was such a sad, sad story of a loner, and then I got into the bikes."

But it's also the strategy and adrenaline rush of the game itself that people love.

Bicycle polo is more than a century old. Irish cyclist Richard J. Mecredy is generally credited with inventing the game in 1891. But the "hardcourt" style - played on hard surfaces rather than grass - has become popular only in the last decade, beginning with rough-and-tumble games among bike messengers.

"It was like a demolition derby chasing the ball around," Guy Bagley, 36, said of the games he played with other bike messengers in Seattle beginning in 2000. Bagley now lives in Los Angeles and plays in the local club.

As its popularity spread, the game has become more regimented and structured. Teams of cyclists travel thousands of miles to play in organized national and international tournaments. A new organizing body, North American Hardcourt, composed of three representatives from each of the nation's seven regions - including Dash, who represents the southwest region - formed about a year ago to orchestrate events like the North American Hardcourt Bicycle Polo Championships, to standardize the rule of play and to help clubs pool resources.

Increasingly, local clubs are getting officially sanctioned spots to play. In Vancouver, Canada, the city is building a court tailored to bike polo in one of its parks. Seattle parks officials recently gave their blessing, on a trial basis, for matches on some city tennis courts. And in Milwaukee, a group of polo players arrested for trespassing during a game in a parking garage had their tickets dismissed in exchange for fixing up a new county-sanctioned polo court.

Now Dash and fellow polo enthusiasts are asking for a city-sanctioned space where they hope to one day host world-class tournaments.

Players have met with the Valley Plaza Park advisory board to ask that they either be allowed to build a polo court or that the park's four tennis courts be designated as multi-use space. They picked the spot, Dash said, because the courts were in near perfect condition, rarely used for tennis.

Craig Raines, a landscape architect with the city's Department of Recreation and Parks, said it's not unusual for park spaces to be set aside for a niche activity or designated as shared-use. There are spaces in Los Angeles already designated for model airplanes, archery and cricket, for instance.

"What they do is very sustainable, especially if they're willing to share the space," he said of the polo group.

Since August 2007, when Madison, Wis., transplant Matt Vidal convened eight people for what players cite as the first public bike polo game in Los Angeles at Pan Pacific Park, the local polo club has grown to about 40 members. Players have tried different sites throughout the city. The current venue of choice is a YMCA-owned roller hockey rink at North Hollywood Park.

The push for officially designated bike polo spots throughout the country may be a sign of the game's maturation as a sport.

Ben Schultz of Chicago, a Midwest regional representative to North American Hardcourt, said bike polo may be undergoing the same process that other young outsider sports like skateboarding went through. Once perceived as a nuisance, skateboarders now get their own publicly financed parks, and the sport has become big business.

Still, Schultz said, bike polo hasn't lost the element of irreverence that attracted many players in the first place.

"We haven't lost the fun - the beer drinking, goofing around," he said. "Crazy costumes can happen, weird bike adornments, crazy names. It hasn't been regimented to the point of sucking the life out of us."

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American Newspaper

American Newspaper
A man is out walking in New York city when he sees a little girl being chased by a fierce dog. He fights off the dog by hitting the dog’s head with a stick and saves the girl’s life.
The girl’s mother rushes over to him: “Thank you so much for saving my little girl. You are a true hero. Tomorrow all the newspapers will have headlines about ‘Brave New Yorker Saves the Life of Young Girl’”
“But I’m not a New Yorker,” the man says.
“Oh, then it will say in all the newspapers Brave American Saves Life of Young Girl,” says the mother.
“But I’m not an American neither,” the man says.
“So, what are you then?” asks the mother.
“I’m an Iranian,” the man replied politely.
The next day he sees the newspaper headlines:
“Islamic Extremist Kills American Dog.”
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Democracy has failed the people

Nothing is going to happen in Northern Ontario without an economic development plan that must have the stamp of approval of our federal and provincial governments.
I have said many times that our 10 MPs and 11 MPPs are not doing their job of getting our federal and provincial government's attention for an aggressive economic development plan for Northern Ontario. The region has every conceivable natural resources that would be needed to build an industrial complex.
Our goal is to formulate economic policies to expand the existing primary industry complex base (i.e., mining, milling, smelting and refining, processing activities) to first-level manufacturing processing and second-level manufacturing industries, e.g, stainless steel work, nickel plating, zinc galvanizing, wire and cable works, copper and brass mills secondary smelting, die casting, sand casting, foundries, iron and steel work, brasses, bronzes alloys, alloys steel and nickel alloys. Policies that will turn our second-level manufacturing into finished products. That would also apply to our forestry industry, value-added manufacturing within Northern Ontario.
To reach the Northern Ontario regional objectives a consensus within the federal and provincial governments will be needed for:
- A national comprehensive industrial strategy and an Ontario government industrial strategy affecting Northern Ontario in general.
- A national comprehensive energy strategy and an Ontario government energy strategy affecting Northern Ontario in general.
- A national comprehensive transportation strategy and an Ontario government transportation strategy affecting Northern Ontario in general.
The federal and provincial governments must have the political will to co-operate to put these economic policies in place; otherwise we are wasting our time talking about the same old issues and seeing no action.
Democracy of the people, by the people, for the people has failed us all.
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残体”就是指他们脑子有问题,玷污了汉字。 如:“◇侑点尐个性{ . 佷调怶 吥薀鍒”这种让人不怎么看得懂字体和意思句子。就称为“脑残体”
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吁请政府、立法机关寻求解决之道。 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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中国的人才真的是多... 对鲁迅也算有个交待了...
<色戒>告诉我们---- 女人不可靠<苹果>告诉我们---- 男人不可靠<集结号>告诉我们---组织不可靠<投名状>告诉我们---兄弟不可靠陈冠希艳照门告诉我们-----电脑最不可靠1、最佳男主角:陈冠希(拉登式道歉的视频)2、最佳女主角:钟欣桐(笑着道歉的见面会)3、最兴奋:中、港、澳、台的广大淫民4、在事件中受伤害最大的:bobo(一瞬间,离幸福那么近;一瞬间,离幸福那么远)5、最佳广告:不贴图了,口号是:“阿娇极品鲍”、“冠希腊肠短支装”——我看了当场笑倒(网友的创意啊~~虽然有点不厚道)6、事件中最该偷着乐的人:央视cctv5的张斌(小4、5、6、7、8事件被迅速转移视线,加快复出步伐)7、至今看过最彪悍的语录:陈祖德的柏芝“人狗交”。8、事件中最同情的:杨永晴(小姑娘不是娱乐圈人,是正儿八经跟陈冠希谈恋爱,事件初期还声援他,结果惨遭曝光)9、最想k的人:香港警察和吉林警方——前者选择性办案,后者知法犯法,恐吓广大淫民10、最佩服的:陈冠希尽然能够让这n多女主都乖乖在镜头前自娱娱人(除了杨永晴,其他人都是乖乖的奉上四级动作,还连拍)11、最想道歉的人:舒淇以及众av女优(我以前错怪你们了,其实你们更言行一致)12、看过最雷的fans辩解词:阿娇是为了给冠希吸出毒素才&*(……T*&**)13、最受欢迎的人:出了伟大的kira,就是各种各样爆料的人(欢迎你们,欢迎你们爆出更多更猛的料,淫民期待着)14、最终猜想:中国星pk英皇,谁赢?300万暗花,谁拿?陈冠希结局,怎样?谢霆锋张柏芝,离婚?twins,解散?钟欣桐,更红?15、最想感谢的:伟大的天涯服务器。16、最吃惊的:原来我们的言论相当自由啊,比号称“民主”的香港还自由啊。17、最鄙视的:事件中站在道德角度上批判广大淫民的淫——你们都看了,就你们高尚?那为啥不批判那些男女主角呢?18、事件中最搞笑的词:“移花接木照”19、最想说的:人在做,天在看。20、最佳幸运商:娇爽,KY润滑油,吃鲍鱼最好的调味油,强生出品,满意保证21. 观众最想改的广告:谢TF:虽然我很球技很逊,但至少我好看.(虽然我老婆很逊,但至少她好看)
照发布者:素闻欣桐才高八斗,冰火毒龙,样样精通,我有一个参谋将军想跟你切磋切磋! 娇Fans:我们娇娇怎么可以以大欺小呢? 阿娇:是呀,是呀! wメ壊东覀灬:文学切磋是不分辈份的! 匿照发布者:就是嘛,玩玩而已!不过如果你对不出来,别怪我发视频啦!出对! wメ壊东覀灬:一男二女玩三P,不知四义五廉六耻,竟然做七八九奶,十分表脸! 匿照发布者:对呀,怎么不对呢,你不给我面子,我可真的要发视频啦! 陈冠西:让我来试试! 陈冠西:十操九射,摆过八上七下六横五立四姿势,不过三口二交,一个玩物! 匿照发布者:好工整啊! 阿娇:冠西,你来得正是时候啊! 陈冠西:没事没事,没事了! 匿照发布者:嗯!? wメ壊东覀灬:在下是猫扑史上最强牛B者,绰号“骂王之王”的骂穿肠,阁下是? 陈冠西:小弟玩过几个女明星,圈里一个低贱小白脸,冠西! wメ壊东覀灬:好,我就来会一会你!(两人对立许久,相互一个飞吻,众人偕倒) 陈冠西:对不起,我俩惺惺相惜,情不自禁。 wメ壊东覀灬:言归正传,我们开始了! wメ壊东覀灬:照片里,男不举女不愉,小小腊肠,可笑可笑! 陈冠西:视频里,逼无保鸟无套,叫声射了,提防提防! 众人:好好,对得好!对得好! wメ壊东覀灬:娇娇林林君君芝芝媛媛轩轩瑶瑶! 陈冠西:搞搞闹闹玩玩捏捏抓抓摸摸操操! 众人:冠西真行呀,冠西好棒啊! 匿照发布者:快出对,对死他,对死他! wメ壊东覀灬:十口心思,思国思民思中华! 陈冠西:八女共赏,赏波赏穴赏菊花! 众人:好,好------ wメ壊东覀灬:你上等废材,显现一身赘肉。 陈冠西:我X L贱格,露出半个龟头。 wメ壊东覀灬:我堂堂骂王之王会输给你个小白脸? wメ壊东覀灬:你家床前好待兔! 陈冠西:汝家娇娇让我日! wメ壊东覀灬:雅照网上来公布! 陈冠西:police给我擦屁股! wメ壊东覀灬:啊?!(本人后退数步,口吐鲜血)
陈冠希,我们的好冠希, 你在哪裏呵,你在哪裏? 你可知道,我们想念你, ———你的粉丝想念你!
我们对著柏芝喊: 陈冠希——— 柏芝回答: “他刚离去,他刚离去, 革命征途千万裏, 他大步前进不停息。”
我们对著BOBO喊: 陈冠希——— BOBO呜咽: “他刚离去,他刚离去, 你不见那沈甸甸的谷穗上, 还闪著他辛勤的汗滴……”
我们对著阿娇喊: 陈冠希——— 娇喘连连: “他刚离去,他刚离去, 宿营地去上篝火红呵, 俺正在回忆他冠状沟的气息。”
我们对著蔡依林喊: 陈冠希——— 天籁歌声: “他刚离去,他刚离去, 你不见在俺横陈的玉体上, 他亲手留下用过的雨衣……”
我们找遍整个世界, 呵,冠希, 你在革命需要的每一个地方, 辽阔大地 到处是你深深的足迹。
我们回到祖国的互联网, 我们在网络上深情地呼唤: 陈—冠—希— 最新暴料: “呵,轻些呵,轻些, 他正在波士顿Super88购物, 他正在赶录《道歉声明》续集……”
冠希呵,我们的好冠希! 你就在这裏呵,就在这裏。 ———在这裏,在这裏, 在这裏……
你永远让我们能勃起 ———能勃起,能勃起, 能勃起……
你永远居住在日升起的地方, 你永远居住在90后心裏。 你的90后日日夜夜想念你! 想念你呵> 想念你> 想> 念> 你……
千里冰封,万里雪飘,明星艳照暖心房。 叹冠希淫才,神枪横扫, 玉女失色,顿失方向。 绯闻不断,腰缠万贯,欲与霆锋试比高! 须惊叹,看柏芝艳舞,分外妖娆。 冠希如此强悍,引无数美女竞折腰。 惜阿娇依林,玉女吹萧, 汗祖儿亚轩,浪女典范。 一代天骄,淫才冠希,神枪不倒女星醉! 俱往矣,数风流人物,还看冠希!
柏芝鲍鱼实在烂,欣桐搞的满身汗,手机图片特别暗。 陈冠希,自拍照片让人赞。 数百张图都真干,香江艺坛塌天半,竖起淫棍千百万。 齐声唤,继续发图不要乱!------------------------------------------------------------------------------短句宣传版
出門操B帶相機 生子當如陳冠希
翻身不可能 不可能
禀网友, 小女子本住在香港娱乐圈, 粉丝无数又有钱, 生活乐无边. 谁知那陈冠希, 他蛮横不检点, 勾结唱片公司目无天, 占我身体将我舔. 我经纪人跟他来翻脸, 惨被他一棍来打扁; 我骂他欺善民, 反被他捉进房间自拍了一百遍, 一百遍. 他还威胁将小女子, 逐出娱乐圈, 举家要搬迁。 我为求养家人, 只有日夜垂泪在人前。 谁知那陈冠希, 他实在太阴险, 知道此情形, 竟将相片来上传, 将我裸体全呈现, 小女子心智健, 精神得留存。 可怜家人们怒冲天, 此恨更难填! 为求保颜面, 唯有死撑到底自做贱. 一面勤赚钱, 一面磨刀尖, 发誓觅良机, 手刃仇人意志坚, 从此艳照集锦伴身边, 我铭记此仇不共戴天
------------------------------------------------------------------------------劝群莫惜金缕衣 劝君惜取少年时 艳照堪看直须看 莫待时过成A片。(搜集者)
!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
做 人 要 做 陈 冠 希 ,做 爱 要 带 照 相 机
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书太贵 需要毛边书思维

全国政协委员贺捷生希望农村和城市工薪族都能买得起书。这是年逾七旬的她打算在今年全国政协大会上提出的提案的主要内容。她建议有关部门在打击盗版书的同时,应当设法开拓毛边书市场(毛边书是指不经裁剪的书,阅读时需手持裁纸刀逐页裁开,价格低廉)。(3月2日新华网) 对贺捷生委员“让大家都看得起书”的提案以及开拓毛边书市场的建议,我是举双手赞成的。 现在的书太贵已是不争的事实,贵得别说是农民和城市工薪族买不起,即便高收入者很多时候也望书兴叹。动辄几十元一本的书,又怎么让人读得轻松呢? 而据业内人士透露,2008年纸张贵了,书价还要跟着涨,一本书少则涨几元,多则几十元,这无疑要加重大家的读书成本。更令人担心的是,现在的书包装得越来越豪华,已经与它的本质渐行渐远了。 在成本不断上升,广大读者承受不起的情况下,出版业为什么不走走返璞归真的路线呢?贺捷生委员的“毛边书”建议,无疑点到了目前图书出版市场的一个软肋。 毛边书始于欧洲,上世纪初中国新文化运动时期从日本引入,这种书不切毛边,价格低廉,印销量很大。对爱书的朋友们来说,读完一页,裁开一页,对每一页都满怀期望,都有新鲜感,可以充分享受“品书”的快乐。 而从现在普通读者买不起书、读不起书的角度看,毛边书可谓给虚火中烧的书市开出了一剂良药,与其让众多图书“卖不了”与“买不起”一道耗着,为什么不转变一下思路,改变图书的包装,降低成本,通过薄利多销既促进出版业的繁荣,又促进公众阅读率的大提升呢? 出版社出不出“毛边书”这是他们的权利,但在文化大繁荣、社会大和谐的今天,如果公众买不起书、读不起书,则是出版业的失职了。



member of China Fasteners Association,Ningbo ZhengYu Fasteners Co., Ltd is a joint venture specialized in producing large-sized fasteners, electric fittings, construction fittings, and non-standard fasteners. The company has self-operated imports and exports business right.
Founded in 1999, the company is equipped with over one hundred sets of appropriative devices, including 10-odd sets of inspecting apparatus. The annual producing volume reaches 10,000 tons. Our fasteners include American standard (ANSI), Germany standard (DIN), British standard (BS), Japanese standard (JIS), National Standard (GB) and non-standard special products. The company is endowed with normative management system, complete devices, advanced technology and strict inspecting system. It has got the certificate of ISO9001:2000 quality system. In these years, our products are exported to Europe, America, Australia, and other countries and regions throughout the world, and are greatly appraised by customers. Enjoying a convenient transportation, our company is situated in the coastal city: Ningbo, and is only 1.5 km away from Ningbo Port, the second largest port in China.

Our Productsbolts,
Hot forged bolts ,
Pole line hardware ,
Precast lifting system ,
Special parts ,
Super plates
, J-bolts ,
Anchor bolt ,
Adjustable pole Bands ,
Carriage bolts ,
Eye bolts ,
Clevis Bolts ,
Eye anchors ,
U-bolts ,
Lifting anchor ,
Machine bolts ,
Lifting parts ,
Hook bolts ,
Transformer brackets
, Cable clamp ,
Lifting inserts ,
Structural bolts ,
Utility anchor ,
Clevis pin ,
Hex flange bolts ,
Button head bolts ,
Forged steel pins ,
Crossarm pins ,
Threaded rods ,
Pole top pins ,
Flat head bolts ,
T bolts ,
High Voltage Insulator pins ,
Step bolts ,
Stud bolts ,
Socket head bolts ,
Square bolts ,
Track bolts ,
Hot Forged Hex Bolt ,
High tensile hot forged bolts ,
High Tensile Bolts